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July 11, 2015: Some Pet History From My Childhood – Lots of Dogs And A Few Cats

Cindy, my first dog friend.
Cindy, my first, dog friend.

Pets, dogs and cats, have always been an important part of my life. Cindy, my first dog at age four, was a terrier, with a great smile. She was a Humane Society dog. Cat’s came later and there were many. Too many. Much to my sadness, the intersection we lived near was busy and none of them lasted very long. It wasn’t until I was older, in my early 30’s with kids of my own, that I became a cat owner again. What was your first pet – a cat, dog, goldfish, snake or a more exotic pet?


Premiering Now: MO Kitties, MO Cats

As part of an online course on social media through the University of Georgia entitled “Using Social Media to Build Business,” I am creating my first blog! Woot!

My cat companions, Lucy and Thomas, are a constant source of blogging content, so I chose them as my home subjects and cats in general as my topic area. They are pretty cute and funny. My cats are, anyway.

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