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July 16, 2015: What Is Up With This?

Mice in the food dish.
Mice in the food dish.

Thomas, the black kitten, now grown, has an interesting habit. He takes his stuffed, toy mice and puts them in the dry food dish. He does it several times a day. I take them out. He puts them back in. And, so it goes.

Do you have a cat that does this type of behavior? He has never hunted mice or been outdoors, so this must be instinctual. I would love to hear your thoughts or experiences.

July 13, 2105: Take This Poll And Vote For Your Favorite Type Of Cat

July 13, 2105: Ta Da! Lucy Is A Mom!

Lucy and her kittens!
Lucy and her kittens!

On April 17, 2011, Lucy, who was indeed pregnant, had her kittens. I had just gotten back from seeing Elton John in concert about 11:00 p.m., when I saw that she was going into labor.

Lucy and I were ready. She was all set up in a big, cardboard box lined with clean towels, in the bathroom. She let out a few yowls delivering the first one, a black and white kitten. She gave me a look that said, “You’d better not leave me.” By three a.m,. all four, assorted kittens had delivered. Lucy was a Mom!

July 13, 2015: I Love Lucy, The New Cat In The House



About a year and a half passed, and I was doing just fine, without a pet. Then Lucy showed up. My neighbor, Janeta, came over and said, “Did you see the cat that’s been sleeping on your back porch?” “No,” I said. Janeta took me into the backyard and I met Lucy.

She was obviously a stray. Her tail was short. It had been cut off and a thin, sinew-like piece of it was still there marking the original length. She was petite, and light gray, with very pretty eyes. She was friendly, but cautious. Also, suspiciously chubby in the middle. Maybe pregnant? It was March and still cold out. She needed a place to stay. Janeta and I made her a warm place to stay on the covered, back porch. Yes,  she did stay, and I named her Lucy.

July 13, 2015: After Sophie, No Pets, No Furballs

After Sophie passed away, I took a break from having pets. I missed him, and didn’t feel like he was replaceable. It was also nice not to have to vacuum up cat hair for a while.

Even with the most loved cats, the cat hair gets tiresome. It just keeps coming. You’re at work and you find it on your pants. You’re eating and it somehow gets into your mouth. Fur is much better on the body of the grower, than it is loose.

July 12, 2015: Cat Magnificence At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

Cats have been intertwined with human life for centuries. They held an iconic place in Egyptian history. If you visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and go to the Egyptian wing, you’re sure to see several in hieroglyphics and sculpture. Here is one cat-related sculpture, the Sphinx of Hatshepsut, created in approximately 1479–1458 B.C. You can find this treasure in Gallery 131 at the Met.

July 12, 2015: 16 Years With Sophie, Went By Too Fast


If you’ve ever had a pet, you know how attached to them you can become. They’re part of your routine. You let them in and out. Feed them. Pet them. They are with you through the good times and the bad. They can become your friend, a very good friend, who you love.

Sophie passed away on October 19, 2009. We missed him. Tremendously. Have you ever experienced the loss of a pet, and how did you deal with your loss?

July 12, 2015: New York City, Chinatown Cat

NYC Chinatown cat.

Here’s a cat I saw on the street in Chinatown a few years ago. That cat stretch has attitude!

July 11, 2015: Sophie Arrives At Midnight


On the Fourth of July, 1993, at midnight my kids, Nick and Erin, and I came home from watching a big, fireworks display. It was a hot, muggy night and the air was full of smoke from spent bottle rockets and fountains. The sound of firecrackers was still popping around the neighborhood.

When we walked up to our front porch, we heard a meow, looked down and saw a very scared, black kitten. It was small and cute. Only a few weeks old. The kitten was very friendly and hungry.

We went to the convenience store and bought it some food. Put the food, “stinky cat food” also known as the wet kind, out in a bowl for the kitten. We made a bed for him on the porch. Of course, the kids wanted to keep the kitten, and I said, “We’ll see.” The next morning, we were cat owners. Sophie, the cat, was ours.

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